Domestic Flooring

photo09Recent trends have placed an emphasis on both hard and softwood flooring. At Hawthornes we use our expertise in wood refinishing to offer a high class service in floor restoration.

Floors from a small entrance hall up to a complete property can be sanded to remove the worn surface and re-sealed with an appropriate finish. Cellulose lacquer, wax-oil or solvent free seals can be used depending on the customers requirements. See our Floor Finishes section below for a complete guide.

As an extra service, prior to finishing, the floor can be stained a different shade to alter its appearance. A favourite piece of furniture to a magazine picture can provide the inspiration and Hawthornes can replicate this colour as required for your floor.


Commercial Customers



For our commercial customers Hawthornes are able to offer the same standard of service provided to our domestic clients but on a larger scale.

Hawthornes understands the needs of commercial clients in that work needs to be undertaken and adhere to time scales. We are able to fit into the refurbishment program and are used to working on larger projects.

Previous work has included;


Wooden Floor Finishes

Wooden Floor Restoration

We offer four types of floor finish dependant on the needs of the client;

Stain – A fast drying methanol based dye to change the appearance of the timber colour.

Acid Catalyst Lacquer – A hard wearing lacquer that is ideal for a quick turnaround of approximately 1 hour drying time. An excellent choice to bring out the natural colour of the timber.

Solvent Free – A two component polyurethane solvent free floor seal. A low odour product which is ideal for schools as well as domestic customers.

Wax Oil – An environmentality friendly product that has anti-bacterial properties and only requires two coats. Although slow to dry, approximately 5 hours, it is easy to maintain.

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